Born in Cassino in 1980, he began his education at the Liceo Artistico of Cassino, showing from the beginning an interest in artistic subjects and in particular in plastic arts and finished his studies in the year 2000. In 2001 he began his university career by enrolling in the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”, at the ‘Sapienza University of Rome, c.d.l. Architectural Restoration and Urban Redevelopment, with Prof. Giovanni CARBONARA, earning his degree in the year 2009. At the same time, since the beginning of his university career, he has been collaborating with several technical firms, consolidating the knowledge learned through field experience.

His collaboration with the GIACOMO BIANCHI & PARTNER ARCHITECT Studio in Cassino, started since his first year of university, led him to deal with the design and building process of food and no-food activities.

Subsequently, he was appointed Technical Director at a construction company in the province of Frosinone as responsible for the Italsoa OG2 certification for the building rehabilitation of buildings of artistic and architectural interest, dealing with the Architectural design of residential, public and tender buildings.

In 2009 he founded the Andrea D’Aguanno Architectural Studio, continuing his career independently and specializing in the architectural design of housing and commercial activities, applying in different contexts the technological innovations for energy saving (photovoltaic, solar thermal and radiant floors).

In 2013 he accumulated a new valuable experience that strongly marked his professional growth, during the year he worked in Toronto, at the office of Joseph Battaglia Architect Inc. mainly engaged in housing and urban redevelopment of entire neighborhoods and shopping centers and in particular focusing on the design of a lot consisting of 110 Town Houses and an attached shopping center.

After his return to Italy, he worked in Rome in collaboration with the associated firm RICCISPAINI (, participating in projects aimed at international competitions.

In January 2014, he moved to Los Angeles to begin a new and longer work experience at Franklin Studio Inc. (, working on interior design, building and urban and environmental design.

In January 2016, having finished his work experience in Los Angeles, he returned to Toronto for a new collaboration with the architectural firm GFA George Friedman Architect (, the Friedman firm deals with the design of collective buildings such as Universities, and in this case he had the opportunity to face a new highly constructive work experience, redesigning the new entrance lobby of the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus in Missisauga, Ontario.

It was in 2018 that he moved to Switzerland and began a long and in-depth training in BIM that starts from the figure of BIM Specialist and then moves to BIM Coordinator and finally to BIM Manager with a focus on sustainability, obtaining the title of CECE and Minergie Expert, training entirely carried out at SUPSI in the Department of Environment Construction and Design .

He collaborates, at first, with several companies and technical studies in the Ticino area, CEO of the company Groma 3D Lab ( and founder of GET-Gruppo Edile Ticino- a collaborative group in the field of Renovation and Construction that offers a complete service to the client and in which the various projects, flow management and building processes are entirely managed in BIM.